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Trail 1 Legs Dist Feet Dist Meters
T1L1A Paved 1061 323
T1L1B Dirt 221 67
T1L2 Dirt 1139 347
T1L3A Paved 291 89
T1L4A Paved 457 139
T1L4B Dirt 1092 333
Total Crosspt Length Trail 1 4260 1299
T1L4C Grass * 121 37
Total Length Trail 1 4382 1335
Trail 1 Exits    
T1 Exit to Armetale Ct 58 189
T1Argent Ct Exit Paved 551 168
* Not a Crosspointe trail    

Interesting Points on trail 1

  • Trail 1 intersects a pipeline just west of L1B
  • The eastern most section of the trail is not part of Crosspointe, it is Timber Ridge. There is a concrete entrance from the road leading to grass, but unless you know that a trail exists, you cannot see it. Going over the grass takes you to the gravel Crosspointe trail.
  • The northern most portion behind Argent Circle is off Crosspointe Property.
  • This trail is part of the Fairfax County trail plan.
  • The exit to Armetale Ct needs work.