Trail 25

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Trail 25 Legs Dist Feet Dist Meters
P25 L1 469 143
P25 L2 703 214
P25 L3 1786 544
P25 L3 Grass 101 31
P25 L4 830 253
Total Length Trail 25 3889 1185
Trail 25 Exits    
P25 Exit to Chase Glen Paved 369 113
P25 Exit to Chase Glen Dirt 54 16
P25 Exit to Eagle Glen Terrace 154 47


Interesting points on Trail 25:

  • Trail 25 follows a buried fiber optic cable.
  • The western end of trail 25 is consistent with the Fairfax County trail plan, but the trail plan shows the trail as continuous.  In reality, this trail terminates on Meadow Crossing Way.
  • A creek crossing is required between Chase Glen and Meadow Crossing.
  • Curb ramps would be nice on both sides of the street where T25 crosses Chase Glen.


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